Have you found yourself staring at the calendar wondering how it could already be February, when just yesterday you were ushering in the New Year? Your year-end tax meeting with your CPA is coming up, which means you have to get your books in order. That’s the moment panic sets in, when your eyes see the unopened bank statement and you can’t recall the last time you reconciled your accounts. Your business did great in 2016 and you hit your goals, but some things that were less pressing took a back seat, including your books.  Now the thought of finding the time to review your books while you are still running the day- to-day business is overwhelming. There comes a point in every small business owner’s life when he or she realizes they can’t do it all. This is a time when QBSolutions can help.

“It’s not ideal, but it happens,” says Toni Himmelman, founder and owner of QBSolutions, when talking about cleaning up books for year-end. “We use as much technology as we can, starting with downloading all bank and credit card statements. Everything can be done remotely. Once the books are up to date, QBSolutions works with clients on providing ongoing regular bookkeeping services to avoid the clean-up situation in the future, which can be costly to clients. QBSolutions’ cloud model allows businesses to select only the services that they need in order to keep bookkeeping costs steady and reliable with a flat fee/monthly cost.”

How does it work? QBSolutions creates a QuickBooks file that is accessible anywhere at any time, so you can have access to the state of your business without the day-to-day chore of bookkeeping. Your bookkeeping is taken care of so you can focus on what you do best, your business and having fun. Have more questions about bookkeeping? Call one of our experts at (208) 859-5156 or email us at toni@qbsboise.com or joy@qbsboise.com.